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Meet Cheryl

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and inspirational speaker

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Rev. Cheryl E is a licensed ordained minister, speaker, author and singer.  Rev. Cheryl is a Certified Life Coach and the founder of True Source Christian Coaching and Wailing Warriors Women’s Ministries. 

Rev. Cheryl has served in the legal community for many years. She has spoken before audiences of all nationalities empowering them to live overcoming lives, overcome the struggles in life, the pains in life and to never give up as she equips them with the necessary tools to do so.  She is the mother of 4 adult sons and married for 42 years and counting which qualifies her as an expert in the areas of:


  • Issues that threaten to destroy marriages;

  • Trust & Infidelity;

  • Recognizing and understanding mental health issues;

  • Dealing with children in the penal system;

  • Feelings of hopelessness.


Because many people have been in the same negative cycles in their mind for so long, they struggle to break through the walls of restriction in their minds.  Rev. Cheryl’s central focus is to empower women to live above fear, break free from these restrictive mindsets and to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Cheryl believes that the better we know ourselves and know what we were put on the planet earth to do, the greater our contribution will be to others.


Rev. Cheryl reminds her clients and audiences that no matter what life throws our way, we must keep moving forward because greater things await us.  She believes that if you remain focused and tenacious, your goals are absolutely attainable.

Cheryl Eastman

Cheryl E

Rev. Cheryl believes:

“If it doesn’t challenge you,

it won’t change you”



  • Help Me – I’m Stuck –

    • (Finding Your Way Out When You Feel Stagnated)

  • Awakening The Giant Within

    • (Becoming Who You Were Created to Be)

  • The Heart of Worship

    • (Learning What True Worship Is)

  • Mind Over Matter

    • (How Changing the Way We Think Will Change Our Lives)

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