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Inspirational Coaching for Group & and Individuals

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Cheryl E. has group/individual coaching to help you do just that.  These sessions are designed for busy individuals that are ready to invest in themselves to achieve their goals.  If you are looking for an awesome coach for your group, Cheryl E is that person.


Keynote Inspirational Speaker

Cheryl E. will uplift, encourage, motivate and inspire your attendees to fight to reach their next level and to attain their goals.  Cheryl E. believes that what comes from the heart  will flow to the heart.  That is what truly inspires growth.


Change Your Life Workshop

Cheryl E. is equipped to create an atmosphere that breeds change and she does it through humor, wisdom and a sincere desire to see change happen in the lives of those attending her workshops.

Let’s Change Your Life

Looking for a change? Something that will help you inspire you to be a more powerful you? Fill out the form for more information or if you are ready you can choose one of my services below and begin your journey to a better you.

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