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God is Talking – Are You Listening

Samuel 3:10 …speak Lord for thy servant heareth.

We spend a lot of time telling God How He should fix our lives. However, God has a couple of ideas that He would like to share with us and let’s face it, His ideas are better than ours.

God is a great conversationalist but, He doesn’t talk over us. He waits for the opening in the conversation and if there isn’t one, He doesn’t say anything. We really need to get to the place where we are having a two-way conversation with Him as opposed to a one-sided monologue. I think most of us have reduced prayer to that because we see prayer as a duty and not as an opportunity to really meet with Him and cultivate our intimacy with Him. God has so much He wants to say to us, so much He wants to impart into our spirits, our minds and our hearts. There are somethings we wouldn’t have to go through if we would just listen. God is most definitely talking to us, but are we paying attention to Him?

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