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The Third Trimester

We are currently in the 9th month of 2018. In the natural for women who are expecting, this would be the third trimester of her pregnancy and time to birth that baby!! Anything longer than the 9th month, that baby would be considered overdue.

A whole lot of us have been waddling around with the weight of these spiritual babies past our due dates. We are in our third trimester and it's time to bring forth. We've reached 10 centimeters long ago and Dr. Jesus has been telling us to push for a while now!!

Bear down and push out the promise, push out that ministry, push out that business, push out that book - NO MORE STILLBORN BABIES!!! Let go of anxiety and hold on to the promise. We are absolutely, positively, unequivocally in the third trimester and it is time to PUSH!!!

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