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Everything We Need

2 Timothy 3:17 - …So that the man of God may be complete and proficient, well fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Let’s admit it, life brings about some special challenges. These challenges can his us so fast and hard that they seem to knock the wind right out of us. However, as sons and daughters of God, we have access to the answers to life’s challenges and those answers are found in the word of God.

The question is, do we utilize what God has so graciously given us as our road map through life or do we just plot out our own path, hitting and missing at a successful and prosperous life? The answer to our how to, what to where to and when to is ALL, I repeat all found in the word of God.

I cannot speak for everyone but my desire in life is to be fruitful in ministry and in life. As children of God, we should not always struggle with the same issues year after year and never come to a resolve.

So, the question remains, are we applying God’s word to the areas we struggle in. God wants to be our everything, but we must allow Him entrance into our lives. Stop fighting and struggling with issues that you yourself cannot change and let God’s word be what it was and is established to be - EVERYTHING WE NEED!

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