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God Is Our Refuge

There will be times when our understanding of a situation becomes clouded. You may look for the face of God and find yourself caught up in the gray mist of uncertainty. Adversity reveals what you really believe about God. It also can reveal where you are in your spiritual walk with the Lord. Are you truly trusting God, or do you find yourself cowering in fear whenever trouble arises?

God never trivializes the problems that we face. Even before they approach, He knows the impact that disappointment will have on your life. He also is aware of the strength you will need to withstand the intensity of the storm. God will never place more on you than you can bare.

However, He does at times allow storm clouds to gather in order to stretch your faith in Him. There is nothing to great for God to handle. When we trust Him with the entirety of our lives, we grow in our intimacy with Him. God loves us and He his purpose for the hardships that we face. It has been my experience that the greatest times of personal growth come as a result of having our faith tested and tried by the stressors of life. Are you looking for the hope that is already yours?

Look to the hills from where your help comes from, our help comes from the Lord. Trust in, lean on and rely on God, He is our refuge and strength and a VERY present help in the time of trouble.

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