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When Destiny Calls

From the Book "Who In The World Do You Think You Are" CHAPTER 9

"When Destiny Calls" Exodus 2:1-10

When God calls us, He sees the end from the beginning. He knows the plans that He has established for our lives.

Moses was born into the house of Levi (a priestly tribe). His father was Amram and his mother was Yochebed. Allow me to give you a little background about the nation of Israel. When the children of Israel first came to Egypt, they were a free nation. They made their pilgrimage to Egypt because there was a famine in their homeland and since

Joseph was second in command to the Pharaoh, he invited his entire family to transition from the land of Goshen to Egypt. He assured them that they would not have to worry about anything.

They were safe and covered until the time of Joseph's death. However, once a new Pharaoh sat on the throne who didn’t know Joseph, things got real crazy! All this new Pharaoh saw was that the nation of Israel was consistently growing and

he felt threatened by this. 

Because the nation of Israel was growing at such a fast pace, Pharaoh felt that they would eventually become Egypt’s enemy, so he decided to enslave them. He forced them into hard labor and treated them harshly. I suppose Pharaoh figured that if he worked them hard enough, they would be too exhausted for intimacies, but boy was he mistaken. The Israelites multiplied, big time!

Let me just say that when there is a decisive call on your life, the enemy will pull out all the stops to keep you from walking in that call. 

Because you are a royal priesthood, you have been created to be your best self through Christ Jesus.  You have the ability to accomplish some magnificent things, even under pressure. Ask that diamond on your finger how it came to be. Pressure. Beautiful things are produced under pressure. Pressure has its place and God tends to use it to produce purpose in us.

The severe oppression forced upon the children of Israel caused a powerful nation to emerge. The Egyptians made the Israelites live so bitterly that it pushed them closer together and consequently, destiny was born. Literally. Moses was the true Destiny’s Child for he was born to lead his people into their destiny. Likewise,  everything you need to live out your destiny is already in you, but you need to tap into it. Your true value is like an oil well buried beneath the surface and unseen by the naked eye, but when you begin to go deep beneath the surface and tap into that line, the oil begins to gush forth with great force.  

When you tap into the oil of anointing that is beneath the surface in your life, every gift and hidden talent will come gushing forth, letting you know exactly who you are. Just like a natural gusher, the oil is not just seen and experienced by one person but it sprays everywhere and anyone who is in close proximity to you will be affected by that oil. God has created your life to touch other lives and this happens when you know who you are, as well as being who you have been created to be.

You may not be called to a national platform, but your calling may be within your local assembly, your community, your city or your state but know this, you have been called. God drew you out of the river for such a time as this. You may feel like you are the black sheep of the family and you may have asked, “Why don't I think and function like my brothers and sisters?” You are not the black sheep of the family. There is just a unique call upon your life and if you are going to qualify to pull others from deep waters when they are drowning, when they are buried beneath a pile of pain, hurt and shame, you need to first be drawn out of your own river, your own struggle. Stop trying to squirm out of your position. Be yourself, love yourself and walk into the destiny that God has planned for you.

Have you answered Destiny’s call in your life, and if not, why?  

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1 commentaire

Ki Columbus
Ki Columbus
29 mars 2023

This is a great inspiring massage and a confidence that God has a purpose for my life. Just like Pharaoh to the Israelites the enemy tries to stop my growth in becoming the women of God that He purposed me to be and what I'm called to do. I'm tapping into the oil of anointing on my life and I'm expecting and excited about every gift and the hidden talents that are coming forth. Thank you Rev, Cheryl!

To God be all the Glory,


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