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Preparing for Purpose

Excerpts from “Who In The World Do You Think You Are” - CHAPTER 6

Those of you who have a few years under your belt probably understand the necessity of

preparing for what you believe we’ve been called to do. That may mean attending a university for four years, studying at a seminary, or attending a trade school. Whatever the case, some type of preparation is always in order before you can fulfill your purpose.

Someone has been assigned to eat from your life table, but as they approach your table, will they find what they need?

What preparations have you made or do you need to make in order to realize your purpose? Do you need to prepare to start a non-profit organization that has been in your heart for years now? Are you a college student who wants to start a tutoring program?

Do you desire to mentor the young girls at your church? Whatever the case may be, preparation is necessary if you are going to walk in your purpose effectively.

My son Darian loved working with the youth and with underprivileged teens simply because he had once been in their shoes. He worked at a couple of group homes and youth programs.

However, Darian knew that there was more that he needed to do, and more youth that he needed to reach but he was limited as to how far he could go and how much he could do. Darian realized that he was under prepared to fulfill the purpose for which he had been born, and that preparing himself by way of further education was the avenue by which he could fulfill his purpose.

With determination in his heart, he became a member of the Omega Boys Group located in San Francisco, CA, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Marshall. The Omega Boys Group is a

phenomenal organization that helps young people to gain access to universities all over the

country. They are thereby equipped to realize their goals and dreams. This is done with the help of private and corporate contributions. I am excited to report that Darian graduated from Tennessee State University after obtaining his B.A. in criminal justice. Darian prepared and armed himself for what he believed was his purpose. Young men and women can now approach his table and get what they need to help nourish their minds which will lead to the fulfillment of their purpose.

You must keep in mind that the more prepared you are as an individual, the more useful and

effective you will be to others—to your family, your community and the nations that need that turkey cooked and that macaroni and cheese prepared so they can eat from your table (read the book for a full explanation of this sentence). You must understand this concept thoroughly because if you are called to the nations, but when the call comes you are ill-equipped for that call, then that opportunity may pass you by.

Please understand that there will be struggles in life. You will have some mountains to climb and some hurdles to jump over. You may have to suffer injury at the hands of those you thought were your friends. There will be some haters along the way, but if you stay on the path, understand the reason you were born, lock into it and walk it out, then no amount of struggle will be able to keep you from fulfilling your destiny.

Don't settle, don't give in and most definitely don't give up, but prepare yourself for your

purpose. Someone's life and liberty depend on your being prepared. When you walk in your

calling, others will be blessed simply because you lived.

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