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You - God's Greatest Creation

Excerpts From "Who In The World Do You Think You Are"  Chapter 3

Make no mistake, God had a plan for you BEFORE the doctor or the midwife tapped your little backside and you let out your first cry. In my imagination this is how I see it: One day there was a meeting in Heaven with the Board of Directors—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The topic of discussion was about each soul leaving Heaven and coming to Earth. This was a discussion about you and me; not so much about how we would look, even though they knew (Psalm 139) but they were more concerned with the soul that would go inside of that frame.

As far as I was concerned, my grandmother, Emma Jean Brown, made the best gumbo on the planet. She knew exactly what to put into her award-winning gumbo. She was for sure gifted in that area. She would prepare her gumbo in a big roaster. That gumbo would be so good that it would have your toes curling under the table as you partook of the scrumptious bowl of Heaven. It was always a great pleasure and delight to sit at Emma Jean's table and eat her gumbo and she would get such joy out of seeing you enjoy it as well. I always said that her gumbo was love in a bowl. Just like a good gumbo that is packed full of wonderful ingredients, or a good hearty stew (yes, believe it or not, there are some people who don't like gumbo), God has packed his sons and daughters full of potential and full of things that will bring pleasure and delight to others. You are full of gifts, talents and abilities that were placed in you to give away to the world. Someone should be able to take a bite out of you (so to speak) and be blessed. You are full of promise and possibility, but you must choose to walk out that potential. The only way to realize your potential is by knowing who you are in the great scheme of things. God knows who He created you to be, but the question is, do you know who you are? The mere fact that you picked up this book, thumbed through it and decided to purchase it lets me know that you want to discover the extent of the potential within you. So together let's explore what God has to say about who in the world you are.

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