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Move That Mountain

Matthew 9:28(b); 29(b) Believe ye that I am able to do this? According to your faith be it unto you.

Accept it or not, we will all be faced with difficult and trying situation in this life, there is no way around it. Life can sometimes appear to have dealt you a bad hand. Some of us may have marriages on the rocks, children gone astray, finances off the hook and we’re living in dismay. But hold the presses, Christ said that in him and through Him, we are already overcomers.

That means that every mountain that materializes in our lives, God has already given us the ability to climb it or move it. But the choice is ours to make as to whether we speak to our mountain and tell it to move (we do have the ability to do that you know) or whether the mountain speaks to you and says, what are you looking at me for, I’m not budging.

Speak to that mountain with the voice of faith and COMMAND it to get out of your way. Speak to that marriage and say shape up, speak to your sons and daughters and say line up, speak to your finances and say come up. God will honor your prayers and accept your praise that is offered in faith. Don’t give up, speak up and tell that mountain to move!!

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