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Only One Color Matters

In the times that we lives in, the racial tension is quite high.  You don't just see the tension but you can actually feel it circulating in the atmosphere.  It's a sad day when the color of your skin matters more than the condition of your heart.  I am so glad that in the eyes of my God, only one color matters, RED. 

If He had gone to the cross for a certain group of people, some of us would have a reason to feel hopeless.  But we can rejoice because Jesus shed His red blood

to wash away my black sins so that my heart could be white as snow.  We can rejoice in the knowledge that only one color matters,  and because of this truth, we are free to live above

the judgement and scutiny of mankind. We are free not because of the color of our skin, our eyes or our hair but because of the color of the blood.  #gored.

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