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What’s Love Got To Do It?

John 13:35 (NKJV) "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

The Greek word Agape means – the God kind of love which is self-sacrificing and unconditional. We cannot achieve this kind of love on our own. It can only be developed as a fruit of the spirit. Love will cause us to have compassion for others. Let’s compare what love truly is compared to the so-called love we sometimes exhibit.

If we have agape love in our heart, it will cause us to not just love our brothers and sisters in Christ, but it will cause us to love our enemies. Chances are, if we are having some challenges loving others, there is a possibility that we don’t love and accept ourselves. How can you believe in others if you don’t believe in yourself. When we allow the spirit of the Lord to teach us how the love ourselves, then and only then will agape love be cultivated in ou heart for others

Tina Turner said it like this “what’s love got to do with it”. I respond this this by saying, love has everything to do with it . God gave because He loved and He loved so He gave. God’s love will cause you to do what mere flesh and blood cannot do. Love is foundational and fundamental , it is uppermost, utmost. It is central and essential, it is Elmers blue, crazy glue, gorilla, love holds everything together. What’s love got to do with it. Everything because God it love.


🔥 Agape love is self-sacrificing and unconditional;

🔥 We must love ourselves before we can love others;

🔥 Love is foundational as it holds everything together


Father God in the name of Jesus, your word tells us that you are love. Give us a heart like yours, a heart that loves unconditionally with no pretense or hypocrisy. Help us to realize that because you loved us with no strings attached, we can love others in this same way. We choose to love even those who do not love us and by doing this, all men will know that we are your disciples. Let your love fill the earth through me in Jesus’ name amen.

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